kaneda shotaro (anarkistboy) wrote,
kaneda shotaro

bling bling

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Your site is looking fabulous, Alix.
Of course, you know that.

I think that your 'today' section is similar but still much better looking than what you are allowed to do with LiveJournal settings, especially using a free account.
And I'm still appreciating that picture.

How's that for ass-kissing?
I don't have a webpage, Alix. Sorry.

I should just 'reply' instead of posting new comments, but I wasn't sure if you had email notification on or not.
Etc etc, yeah.
"You think phone sex is hard now? You should have tried it in the thirties!" Heh, this guy is cracking me up. I'm lame like that though.
Anyway, can I add you as a "friend" to my live journal, Alix?